Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Area Expansion

Okay, this one won't be as long, I promise. There really isn't much to tell. We spent most of the week doing administrative stuff. Last Sunday the bishop announced that the stake would be dividing many of the wards and making other changes. So yesterday the stake gathered together to see what these changes included. Well, the Carondelet Ward (which I am serving in) is no longer called Carondelet. It is now known as The St Louis Hills Ward. But that's not all. They expanded it too. It used to stretch from the Mississippi River to The River Des Peres, which is located right next to our apartment. But now it stretches far beyond The River Des Peres. This makes our area potentially a lot bigger. But we will find out how it effects us more specifically at transfers, which are NEXT week, Nov 6. For some reason all of you thought it was last week. I don't remember telling anyone that though. Chances are Elder Vincent will be transferred away from me, which makes me really sad to be completely honest. I love that guy. I can't see myself having a better companion than him for the rest of the mission. That will probably be the hardest thing for me in the next few weeks. Oh, because transfers are NEXT week, Nov 6, do not sent me anything after tomorrow just to be safe. I will send my next address if it changes. But after Nov 6th, feel free to send me anything you want. :) 

Congratulations to Cody!! That's way awesome! I'm very excited for him! Tell Carson hi for me! Man, I wish I could be there for his homecoming. I know it will be great! 

I'm sorry this is kind of a lame report, but it's all I have time for. Thank you everyone for your thoughts and prayers. I am praying for as many of you as I can think of and I think of you daily. Oh, I have a challenge for everyone actually. Study Moroni Chapter 7 and seek the Spirit as you do so. Then pick something that you are going to apply better in your life to bring yourself AND others closer to Christ. 

I love all of you so much! Have a great week. 

-Elder Curtis

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