Monday, October 7, 2013

The Greatest and Most Important Duty

Greetings to all!

Wow. What a great weekend it has been. I agree wholeheartedly with President Monson when he said "This has been the most inspiring General Conference." How true that was for me. I was inspired by the spirit non-stop. My notes are full. I drained TWO pens!! They literally have no more ink left in them. How blessed we are to have the word of God spoken to us by true prophets and apostles! Exclamation point! I loved all the talks that were given. Some talks that especially stuck out to me were Elder Dube's, Elder Bednar's, President Uchtdorf's ("Doubt your doubts before you doubt your faith" Ah, that was beautiful!), both of President Eyrings, both of President Monsons, Elder Christopherson's, Elder Hollands of course, Elder Nelson's, and especially Elder Ballards! Every single member (even the ones in Utah) need to thoroughly study his talk and apply it into your lives!!!!!!! EXPLANATION POINTS.
 There was so much inspiration this conference. It will be a conference I never forget. I feel so pumped with the spirit right now. Within the first ten minutes of getting out of our apartment this morning I handed out a Book of Mormon and a card to a young woman on the bus named Destiny. I told her all about it and our goal as missionaries to help others come closer to Christ. She thought that was quite commendable and gladly took the wonderful book of sacred scripture. I also gave her a brief explanation of how Christ's gospel is restored in its fullness; the same church that He set up when He walked the earth personally. I literally saw the light of her soul get brighter and brighter through her eyes. Missionary work is Gods work and it is amazing and it is for all of us no matter if we are set apart or not. Get involved in missionary work. It was quoted multiple times in conference and I will quote it again: After all that has been said, the greatest and most important duty is to preach the gospel. Greatest and most important! It is a duty for all members to preach the gospel. Always remember that. Or better yet, always remember God, because when we remember God we remember all that He wants us to do through His spirit, just like it explains in the sacrament prayers. Throughout your week ask yourself if you are truly fulfilling that promise you make to always remember Him. If we really are remembering Him then we will be serving Him. So if you're not serving Him in some way are you really fulfilling that promise you made? 

Okay, I'm done preaching to you guys now. I am just so passionate about this marvelous work. 

I am glad to hear that all seems to be going well.  Everything is going well here. I am so happy to be here; to be sharing the gospel with everybody. It is difficult finding people who are interested.  I face so much rejection every single day, I can see how the work could get discouraging. But I don't. This is Gods work and we follow His plan. If someone rejects the gospel then I just think it might not be their time to get it. It doesn't mean they never will. Everyone will get it and it is such a blessing to be the one to give it though. Oh how I love this gospel. Oh how I love the Savior!! I am so proud to be serving Him. I am so grateful for the atonement and for the opportunity it brings each of us to improve ourselves each day. Without our Savior we are lost. As I pass people everyday I like to look at them and think how much the Savior loves them. I say in my mind "the atonement covers them too". This is especially helpful when people persecute us. Thinking like this drives the natural man out of me and I feel Christs love more abundantly. 

I love all of you so much. Thank you for all or your thoughts and prayers. Pray for opportunities to help others around you and to be a missionary, then do it. It will bless and strengthen you. When someone comes to you and says "I need your help right now." think of it more like "The Lord wants to bless you right now." It will make serving others easier. 

That's all for this week, even though there is much I wish to tell about. I hope everyone has a wonderful week. :)

Love, Elder Curtis

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