Monday, September 30, 2013

O to Grace How Great a Debtor, Daily I'm Constrained to be.

Hello wonderful people!

I hope everyone is doing well. Things continue to move along here. We have done a lot of tracting this week. A lot. We met a couple people who showed interest and said that we can come back and teach them, so we will be seeing them later this week and I really hope it goes well with them. 
We were looking through a list of former investigators to see if we could find one who may still have interest in learning about the gospel. We found a John Drochelman who had been dropped by the missionaries a few months ago but it didn't have a reason why he was dropped so we decided we would go see him to find out more. When we got to his house we were welcomed in with open arms. He was very pleased to see us. He explained how he has been turning his life around lately and therefore was very willing to sit down and listen to missionaries again. He has a great desire to become a member of the church. He loves everything about Mormons. His only problem is his wife. She just has sketchy feelings about Mormons I think and so she's not very willing to sit down and listen to us. She is also quite timid. We really hope we will be able to help John out regardless. The first time he met with missionaries was probably just not the time for commitment, but hopefully now is. As we left he gave us big hugs and said, "I really think God sent you guys here today for a reason." The Lords hand is so evident in this work! 
All of our other investigators seem to have hit a wall and aren't progressing anymore. Hopefully we will be able to help them get over those walls and help them see the importance of the gospel and how it is vital to them. 
Last night I had a little time to myself. Elder Vincent was figuring out the weeks numbers (he is district leader), so I decided that instead of just waiting there for him to be done I would go in the other room and listen to some MoTab. It was the first time in so longs that I have been able just sit and listen to that beautiful music. I was singing along and feeling the spirit SO STRONG!! There really is power behind music. I find that singing hymns is one of the most satisfying ways to bare testimony. Tears flowed down my face from how strong the spirit was. My companion said he also enjoyed listening to me sing valiantly. 
I love the song 'Come, Thou Fount of Every Blessing". As I sang the words " O to grace how great a debtor, daily I'm constrained to be." It made me think of the atonement. How Christ in His mercy, love, and grace suffered and died for all of us and how it is because of Him only that we will live with our Father in Heaven again. We owe Christ everything! We are continuously indebted to Him and can never repay Him for the great gift that He gives to us. But we can show Him our gratitude by the way we live our lives. If we continuously try to do better and be like Him and to give up our will and follow His instead, we show Him that we love Him. He asks so little when you think of how much He offers in return. We tend to think He asks a lot sometimes, but if we think of just how much we will be given in eternity by following His commandments in this life, every second of every day and everything we have becomes worth it. 
I hope we will all focus on becoming more like the Savior this week and recognize the blessings that He gives us. 

That's my thought for this Monday. 

Happy birthday to my wonderful grandma R!! I hope you have a fantastic day and know how much I love you. :)

Family, I got your package. The office elders held on to it forever, but I finally got it. Thank you so much! I loved it! I love you guys. 

For now just use this address to send letters and packages:

7009 Weil Ave Apt. 302
St Louis, MO 63119

I love you all!

Love, Elder Curtis :)

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