Tuesday, April 1, 2014


Hello everyone, I have the most exciting news for you:
For the first time since September of last year, the Poplar Bluff Elders had an investigator come to church!!!!!!!!!! We finally have a progressing investigator!!! I haven't felt the joy of that since I was in Jefferson City. I can't begin expressing how happy this makes me feel!! AAHHH!! It's so great!!!

Theresa Coley brought herself, her husband and here three little boys to church despite her husbands horribly sprained ankle. and they even came early! It was so wonderful! Theresa is the one that we found miraculously through our appetite for hamburgers suddenly turning into the strongest craving for pizza hut. We are finally producing fruit!! :D
I knew things were going to start working out soon enough. I knew it! This feeling right now is worth every effort, all the stress, all the disappointment, and all the of fighting discouragement. All I had to face for this feeling only make this feeling even sweeter. What a blessing this whole experience has been. Christ truly is "an high priest of good things to come"!

The week has been crazy, crazy, crazy! I don't feel like I should share any details of what happened. It's a district leader confidentiality thing. But everything that did happen opened my eyes to how God prepares us for certain things. He places us where we are needed. While resolving everything that was going on I realized that many things I have gone through before and during my mission prepared me for this week. The Lords timing truly is perfect and God truly does what is best for us. Therefore, He allows us to go through things that are difficult. He allows us, in our weakness, to fall. He will then make that weakness strong and He will then lift us higher and then work through us to lift others with us. All things work out for our good. I know it.

I need to get going now. Everybody, do good, be good, feel good. Have a fantastic week! I love all you very much!

Oh, and family, it's Dericks birthday today, in case you forgot. :)

-Elder Curtis :D

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