Wednesday, June 3, 2015

May 18, 2015

So this week was sort of uneventful. Only two of our investigators kept their appointments and we weren't able to find anyone either. On the plus side we got eight referrals! Three of them came from a member we went on team-ups with who returned from his mission about a year and a half ago. The others came a less-active member who showed up at church. He made a point to talk to us and tell us he has some family and some friends that would like probably like to talk to us. So hopefully we will be able to pull out something solid from all of those!
We haven't been able to meet with Brian/Samantha, Mike, Tanya, or Lori/Keenan, in a while but we will hopefully get in with them soon. Mike sent us some interesting texts over the week. He was in California, visiting a friend and the "Mormons" happened to knock on the door while he was there. He took that to mean that God was reaching out to him... So yay! Later he sent us a text how he's been really busy lately but he's looking forward to meeting soon because he's been greatly moved this week... Not one hundred percent sure what that means buts it's hard not to be optimistic about it.
Mason and his family might be able to come to church very soon! The only thing that was holding them back is that his mom couldn't walk into the building, but they talked to her doctor and he is trying to prescribe her a wheelchair. Once the insurance approves that they will ship it out to them and they can come to church!! (Prayers please?)
We were unable to see Robert this week and we don't know why they didn't come to church but they are having us over for dinner tonight so we will find out then and probably be teaching him about the plan of salvation. I hope things work out with Robert. So far the only big thing for him would be smoking, but we can get that taken care of easily. I have a lot of hope for that guy.
Elder Abbott and I were invited into primary to talk about baptism and show the kids the font. Oh my goodness, primary is the best! Kids are adorable. And we sang out of the children's song book. I think I want to be a primary teacher forever.
Okay, the college is kicking us out because they close early this week? (We went golfing again so that's why we came later.)

Bye! I love you all!

-Elder Curtis

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