Friday, May 15, 2015

May 11, 2015


Okay, so it was kind of a slow week, but still kind of exciting and there were definitely highlights.

We sustained the new second counselor in the branch presidency yesterday as well as an entirely new relief society presidency. We are anticipating an entirely new elders quorum as well. So many changes!

Unfortunately we haven't been able to meet with Brian or Samantha and just about every other investigator is pretty much at a stand still right now. Some of them we'll have to drop unfortunately.

We are still able to keep solid appointments with some investigators such as, Mike, Brandon and Mason. It's frustrating with Mason and Brandon because they are both so ready for baptism. We've gone through absolutely everything they need to prepare and they're keeping all of the commitments they can, they just can't come to church. UGH!... One day. One day.

When we go see Mason we never know what we'll see, hear or learn or what to expect. When we arrived this week to teach them, we ended up being taught how to give someone a tattoo- practice with a real tattoo gun included (It was on paper, not skin).

The best lesson we had this week was easily the one we had with Robert. We taught him the restoration. The lesson went well I think; Robert was very attentive the whole time and participated well and we testified by the Spirit often. As we began wrapping things up I asked Robert "Do you believe that these things are true?" He looked at me and with a light in his eyes he said, "I know they're true." Slightly taken aback at his surety, but feeling the spirit of what he said and seeking the Spirits guidance I looked back at him and simply asked "How do you know these things are true?" and he firmly replied, "Because of the way I feel."
What a perfect answer! It was obvious that he was feeling the Spirit and was able to recognize that its reassuring feeling which he was experiencing were a witness to the truth of what we had told him. We were so pumped up with the Spirit after that lesson! I still get stoked about it when I think of it. Moments like that are the golden gems of missionary work.
Robert is pretty dang solid. We knew he wouldn't be able to come to church yesterday because he was really sick the night before when we were teaching him. But I believe he will be there next week.

Hopefully we will get things going with our other investigators. Thanks for your prayers!

Love, Elder Curtis

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