Friday, May 15, 2015

Apr. 6, 2015

Hey everyone!

Wasn't General Conference just glorious? I loved it so much!! How blessed we are! I am so grateful for living prophets on the earth today. I am so grateful to have a fullness of the gospel in my life. I am grateful to be a missionary and have the responsibility to serve the Lord full time. The gospel is the best thing on earth!
Time is sparse today; we need to be somewhere at 1. So first off I need to do a little correction regarding my address. I gave you the address of the people living next door to us who are senior missionaries. The reason being that when I first got here we were told that we would be moving into that apartment at the end of April and closing the lease on ours. So instead of having to switch addresses on you in the middle of a transfer I figured I would just give you the address next door since I would be in there soon. Turns out I had to switch addresses anyway The people in the office have changed their mind and we are actually keeping our apartment and the one we were going to have to move into is going to be closed. So, the address you need to write on any mail is:

1120 N. Montgomery st.
Litchfield IL 62056

I want to make sure you caught that. 1120 NOT 1122.

We had a fair week with its typical ups and downs. We had an awesome lesson on the plan of salvation with Jeff and Natasha. They thought it was "really cool" and made a lot of sense... (DING!) but they won't agree to a baptism date until they see what the church is like. In the past they've had some bad experiences at church so they want to see what we're like. Understandable.

We had another great lesson with Mason! His parents even broke out their old quads and were reading along in the scriptures with us. It was a lesson all about Jesus Christ and the atonement. It was so good!

Please keep Brian in your prayers! He is our really solid investigator that we just can't meet with. He's going through some adoption issues right now and it's really got him stressed out and we haven't been able to meet with him lately because of it.

Okay, time to go. I love you guys! I do. I do. I do. Have a great week and remember, the blessings of general conference come AFTER the conference is over. Review, study and live the principles taught.

Sure love ya!

-Elder Curtis

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