Thursday, November 21, 2013

I'm moving

Hi every body! 

I've got some interesting news for you today: Elder Ivey and I are moving out of St Louis and going to Jefferson City. Apparently two visa waiters who were in Jefferson City got their Visas and the church want's them to leave right away instead of waiting until the next transfer. So on Friday night we got a call from President Morgan and told us he want us to go take over that area from now on. It was quite alarming and very short notice, but of course we were willing; we go wherever the Lord needs us! We leave today and will have to find our way there on our own. We have to meet at the mission office where they will give us our new phone and information as well as the keys to a brand new car and then they will send us on our way. Should be an adventure! Plus, I haven't driven since July. That will be weird. I hope I still know how. Haha! 

We are pretty excited about the change; it should bring awesome new experiences. Poor Elder Ivey. So far his whole mission has just been moving from place to place and trying to organize new areas. But we can do it! He is adapting so well and there is so much I am learning from him. Despite how different we seemed to be at first he and I have been getting along super well! I will really enjoy serving with him and training him. A big bummer about this whole thing is we are leaving a ward that I have gotten very close with. I have made so many awesome new friendships here and I will miss everyone so much. The biggest bummer for both me and Elder Ivey is we will now be missing out on the progression of our investigators. For instance, Troy now has an official date for baptism! He and his son will be baptized on Dec 7th!!!!!!!!! On top of that, another investigator we had (who I don't think I told you guys about) is scheduled to be baptized on Dec 14th!!!!!!! His name is Stephen and he is so ready to make the atonement a key part of his life and come closer to Christ though covenants. He is solid! We will most likely be able to drive back down here for their baptisms but I really was looking forward to watching them progress and progressing with them. But we are so blessed to be a part of their conversion thus far an we know the next elders will do great with them. And we will do everything in our power to make Jefferson City explode with the gospel and help everyone there progress further and endure to the end (we hear that it has been struggling lately). 

Sorry to change addresses so soon again, but here's the next one:

101 Amador Ave Apt 36
Jefferson City, MO 65109

Hopefully that one is a little more permanent. 

I think that's it for this week. Oh wait! I tried deer heart for the first time last night. It was like a more chewy steak. Not bad. We also had some of the most amazing street lessons I've every had. I wish I could tell you about them but that would just take way too long. 

Thank you all for your love, prayers and support. Keep it coming! I love you all so much! Keep up the faith. Look for opportunities to bless the lives around you. 

Love, Elder Curtis :)

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