Monday, March 17, 2014


Hey everybody!!
So transfers are this week. Fear not if you have sent me mail for I am not going anywhere. I'm staying here and Elder Julian is going to Cape Girardeau which is only like two or three areas north of here (but still a rather considerable distance due to the fact that the areas down here are huge). Oh, they also made me the new district leader. Not entirely sure why. The Lord continues to have greater faith in me than I do. That might be something for me to work on. I trust the Lord knows what He is doing though.
I don't have any news for you about investigators. None of ours are progressing. I am really, really hoping to find new ones this week; some who are really prepared, as long as that's what the Lord wants. I've learned a lot about following the Lords will instead of my own in this area.
Last week we were able to do a ton of service for people for instance: A member of our ward was in dire need of insulation in his house and he asked us to do it for him, as he has a bad back and couldn't do it himself. Of course we were willing to help our fellow brother! So we arrived at his house with another member of our ward and awaited our instructions. I had never insulated before, so I only had a vague idea of what we were going to be doing; I thought we would be inside the house, putting it up in the walls. I was sorely mistaken. He needed the insulation underneath his house, however, he does not have a basement. There is one floor in his house which is held up by cemented cinder blocks all the way around the border of his house. He led us to a small hole on the back side of the house that led underneath the floor. The member who came with us and I were to crawl under there and put up the insulation while my companion (by his insistence) was to wait for us to finish a section and supply us with more insulation when needed. So under I went.
There was maybe a foot and a half of space to crawl through, two feet tops in some places. It was dark and cold and the ground was damp and quite muddy in some spots. Sounds pleasant, right? Soon they handed me a light to see. There were bugs everywhere. All kinds of them. There were giant crickets things too which I have never seen before. They looked like something you might find in a magazine about exotic bugs from far away places like S. America or Indonesia. That was just what the ground was like. Looking up I saw spider webs extending from the ground to the bottom of the floor above. They were everywhere as well. It was the sticky kind too, we're talking Frodo in the spider cave type of webs, okay? Hanging in them were corpses of dead bugs and dead spiders. Live spiders were seen wherever you looked. There had to be thousands of them; sized ranging from tiny to the size of my fist. There were also a lot of soft looking white balls about the size of a nickel all over the place. I soon found out that they were spider egg sacks and to pop one would release a thousand tiny spiders all over you.
I spent four and a half hours under there, lying on my the ground, putting insulation up above me. And yet, despite the claustrophobia, and the strong dislike of spiders, I was able to stay completely calm and relaxed the whole time. I was able to focus on the task and wasn't bothered by what was crawling around me. I know there was divine help. Had I been on my own I would have most likely started freaking out eventually, at least from the tight space alone. Oh how I love the blessing from our ever loving and ever aware Heavenly Father!

A cry of warning to all of you: My younger brother Andrew is now learning how to drive. Use extreme caution. Do not go out unless it is an absolute emergency. He is wild and extremely dangerous!
-In case of emergency dial 911.

Just kidding Andrew. ;) Congrats on getting your permit. Be carful out there. Try avoiding American Fork and Kneaders. Good luck, bro! (And happy birthday tomorrow! I sent you a letter which should arrive soon).

I hope everyone is doing well. I love you all so much! Thank you for all of your prayers and your love. I miss you all. Take luck, everybody!

-Elder Curtis :)

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