Monday, June 9, 2014


Hey everybody!
It's been a rather slow, yet still pretty crazy week. We had hardly any appointment follow through but we were able to visit a less active and we had a awesome lesson on the gospel of Jesus Christ. It was so cool because I'm sure it was the strongest he had felt the spirit in such a long time. Usually our appointments with him (if they follow through) are, to be frank, dull. I don't know what exactly it was this time but he was definitely more open and inviting to the spirit and it showed. On Sundee we had the pleasure of seeing him come to church! Granted he was a couple hours late, but he still came! It was so great to see him come back and I really think he enjoyed the lesson given in the third hour.
The appointment we had with Stacy Kemp fell through. Apparently right before we got there she had a seizure. As far as we know she is doing okay. We don't know why she didn't make it to church but we will be trying to meet up with her again.
Memorial day was nice. We drove up to Cape Girardeau and played softball with the whole zone. So that was fun.
We had many, many service opportunities this week. Mostly painting but also some moving. In fact we've spent the entire day up until now doing service. And we did so much painting this week that I almost felt like the Lord wanted me to get the idea that I need to pursue it for a career or something. I hope that's not true though.
I do love giving service though. It's so fulfilling. Many people out here aren't very comfortable with the idea of receiving service without giving some sort of payment, so that's annoying sometimes...
I will hit my ten month mark in a couple of days. It blows my mind at how fast all of this has gone by. There really is no time to waste.
Transfer calls come on Saturday. I have a feeling I will be leaving Poplar Bluff. There are always more bitter feelings about leaving an area because I grow to love the people so much, but I look forward to offering my service to new areas.
That's all I've got for you this week. I hope each of you stay safe and have a wonderful week.
I love you all!
-Elder Curtis

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