Monday, July 21, 2014

June 23, 2014

Hey everybody!

Things are still going alright here in Waterloo. Things are still slow... for now. We had something really cool happen on Monday: We had gone fishing that day (like I've done every P-day since I've been with Elder Bowen). But afterward we were talking about it and how fishing relates to the gospel which turned out to be a very good analogy that we tied in with scripture in Alma and used it for our spiritual thought at dinner that night which we were having a members house. After the dinner we gathered together in the other room where we were invited to share a message with them. We gave our analogy about fishing and gave the scripture. Sometimes you can share a good message with a family and it goes well and the Spirit is present. Other times you can share a message with a family and the Spirit is just consuming, overwhelming and thick. This time the Spirit was there and it was indeed overwhelming. At the conclusion of the message we asked if the family could think of anyone struggling with a death in the family, a troubled teen, a new move-in or has had a baby recently and if they would be willing to introduce us to them. Well, one member of the family in particular was indeed inspired at that time and all sorts of people came to his mind that he hadn't considered seriously before. It was so awesome! At the end of the day we had eleven referrals to go see. The next day we received two more! This member wanted to talk to all of the people beforehand to ask if it would be alright if he brought the missionaries to them to share a message and all of them except one I think have accepted that invitation. So this week we are going to get together with this member and go meet his friends and invite them to learn more about our Saviors gospel and come closer to Him. Among other things that happened last week, our area is just stacked with so much potential. It's so great!!
I love being out here to witness for Christ and to see His hand so clearly in the lives of everyone around me.
I love you all so much. I hope you have a fantastic week, as I am sure I will. ;)

Love, Elder Curtis

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