Wednesday, February 12, 2014

I'm Alive!

Hi guys!!

It's been a while. I am alive and well. The reason I have not been able to email for nearly two weeks was because of Poplar Bluff, which is my new area, and snow. Poplar Bluff, as I have recently found out, does not function in snow at all. My first Sunday here it snowed a total of probably one and a half of an inch which sent the entire community into complete shut down. No one would leave and no one would work unless it was absolutely necessary. The snow melted off of the road by Monday morning, however, the town was not going to risk anything; libraries and most other places remained closed. It eventually thawed out near the end of the week but they remained close just in case. The next Sunday rolls by. No snow! Monday morning arrives. Two inches of snow. This place is so freaked out by snow. It's quite ridiculous. The only places open are places like Wal Mart, McDonalds, gas stations and places like that, but any city owned facility remained closed until it was above freezing. This includes schools even. People were out of school for over a week. When they finally opened them it started snowing during school hours and apparently there was a huge debate on whether they should keep the students at the school after hours and possibly over night just to be safe in case there is still any snow on the roads.
I am all for safety first, but this place is just silly. But yeah, that's why I have not been able to email for a while. I don't like winter.
On top of the bitter cold and my bitter feelings we have no progressing investigators. We have investigators though. At least that's what I hear. I still haven't been able to meet them despite all of our desperate attempts to contact them.
My companion get along well, but it will be a very big struggle serving with him and for him for the remainder of the transfer or more for multiple reasons which don't need to be mentioned.
The members here are very nice and many of them are missionary minded, so that's good. I still haven't even met our ward mission leader though, which is sad. Granted he has been out of town I guess.
The mission president prior to our current one described this part of the mission as the part of the field that isn't white, (referring to D&C 4:4).
This area has, and probably will continue to prove itself as a refiners fire for me. There is great opposition for me here. But I have hope in this area. I have faith in the people and the ward. I trust God. I know I am sent here for a purpose. I am grateful for this refining experience. I will be the first to testify that this is hard, but that's great! There must be opposition in all things. This is Gods work! It is a marvelous work. I know this area will bless me so much. I will remain optimistic and put myself in the hands of the Lord, doing His will the whole time, for that is the only logical thing to do.
I just ask for your prayers. I am so grateful for your prayers and I need now more than ever. Your prayers keep me strong. I have seen many merciful blessings from on high and knew they were from prayers of my loved ones.
I have the best family and the best friends in the world. I know it. I love you guys.
There's my spill for you. I really needed to get that out. I feel good now.
Hopefully I will talk to you guys on Monday. Everyone take care and serve lots!
Love, Elder Curtis :)

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