Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Good morning everyone!

Just so we're clear on the last email I sent regarding me not telling anyone about everything going on out here until you take me to lunch when I get back, I was only being sarcastic. Silly people, it's like you don't even know me. :P

We got transfer calls this weekend. Now that I am done training Elder Ivey, the transfers actually have an effect on us. I am going to a town called Poplar Bluff, which is down near the boot of Missouri. I can't really say I'm particularly thrilled about that. Apparently it's the arm-pit of our mission and all they eat down there is road-kill possum. Not sure how true that is, but I guess we'll see; it should be fun. ;)
Elder Ivey is staying here in Jeff City and, guess what? He's training!!!!!!!!!!! My boy is following my footsteps and is going to train right after being trained! I'm going to be a grandpa!! That's pretty cool.
So as of Wednesday I will have a new address; I don't know it now but I will share it with you next Monday.

It seems like a regular thing when transfer draw near, the work goes slow. Although we did pick up two new investigators the work this week didn't quite bare as much fruit as we would have hoped. We lost an investigator as well. I do hope things here pick up for Elder Ivey and his new companion.

The highlight for this week was probably the lesson we had with Brother and Sister Bailey, (our recent converts). We had a lesson on eternal marriage and temples an family history work. I wish I could tell you everything that was said, but I don't remember. All I remember is how it felt. I wish you could have been there to feel the spirit teach us as we did. Amazing things were felt by all four of us. Mike and Adrienne had questions, and Elder Ivey and I were receiving inspiration like never before and they were receiving revelation that it was true like never before. It felt like something that would be written down in the journal of one of the early saints.

Mike was ordained to the office of a priest and given the Aaronic Priesthood yesterday. We are so proud of him and Adrienne!! They are such marvelous people and they are extremely excellent examples of faith. Their faith blows me away.

I love this gospel. I love having he knowledge that we have. I love having a prophet. I love having a loving Heavenly Father. I love having a perfect example to follow. I love my church! How truly blessed we are to have the gospel in our lives. I don't know where I would be without the truth we have. I love learning more and more about it every day. It is amazing to me.
Thank you to my magnificent family who taught me to love, especially my goodly parents. Thank you to my fantastic friends who inspire me so much. Thank you for my home ward who provided an environment for me to serve and learn in the ways of the Lord. I am so grateful for everyone who has played a part in my life. I love you all with all my heart. I pray that the spirit of the Lord will be with each of you and you will feel the love He has for you and increase in your knowledge of Him.
Until next week, farewell!
-Elder Curtis :D

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