Saturday, February 22, 2014

New Address

Dear everyone:

The sister missionaries back in my first area would like me to remind you that missionaries move periodically and therefore do not keep the same address all the time. Please make sure you find out my current address before you send a letter; they are tired of receiving my mail. Haha!

Here is my current address:
1746 Spring st
Poplar Bluff, MO 63901

Of course you can always use the Mission address which is
1850 Craigshire dr. STE 205
Maryland Heights MO, 63146

It will just take longer for it to get to me with that one.

We had a better week down here! It didn't snow and we actually had a lesson with somebody!!!
We taught our investigator named Teresa Shrumpert, but she goes by Whoopie because she used to look a lot like Whoopie Goldberg until she cut off her dreadlocks. Her son passed away a couple weeks ago, so we thought it appropriate to teach her the plan of salvation. It felt so good teaching someone again, to see them feel the spirit and understand what we teaching. It was wonderful and she took it so well; she loved it. We will be seeing her again tomorrow!

Since I've been here I gave myself a haircut. It was the first time I had ever done it, but if you ask me, it didn't turn out too bad. Much shorter than I originally planned, but not bad.

We had exchanges this week so I went to a city called Dexter for a day where I served with a missionary named Elder Oskins. I came to find out that he has a sister serving a mission in Indiana, and guess where her area is?? Fishers!!! How neat is that! (For those of you who don't know, that was my home town before PG) That means she is most likely attending sacrament meeting at our old church building and it also means she sees Dericks tree on a regular basis. I'm hoping to get in contact with her via email to ask for pictures and any other information I can get. Family: let me know if there's anything you wish to ask her.

While I was still in Dexter we taught a lesson to a guy named Jordan. All we did with him was watch Joseph Smith: Prophet of the restoration, and bore testimony of him in hopes he would start gaining his own because it's the only thing really holding him back.
So we watched the movie, bore testimony, left a commitment, prayed and left. Well apparently the whole time we were there, Jordans sister was in the other room watching and listening to the movie without us even knowing she was in the house. Elder Oskins didn't even know Jordan had a sister. Nevertheless, she was there and she was feeling the spirit very strongly. The next day she supposedly got the our number from Jordan and called them (we had exchanged back by this time). She told them she watched the movie, and felt really strongly that it was true, so she prayed about it and that night she gained a testimony of Joseph Smith AND the Book of Mormon. She borrowed Jordans copy and read it all night long. While still on the phone with the missionaries she began telling them some of the scriptures she liked the most including Alma 32:21. She said she want's to be baptized in the church! It is a miracle! The only downside, for us at least, is she lives in Texas and was only visiting for another week. However, the Dexter Elders were able to refer her to the Texas Fort Worth Mission where she will continue being taught there. She told them that the moment she's back in Texas she's going to get baptized! How cool is that!

I love this work. It's the best! I am truly blessed to be serving our Father and King. I love the fact that I am out here doing exactly what He would be doing if He were here. Our Father has a family business, and He has a job for each of us. Let us all do our part and do Him proud. I am a witness of the divine love that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ have for us. I know they know us and love us each personally. They are always going to do what is best for us. Let us do what is best for us and help one another.
I love you guys so much. I thank my God for each of you. You have blessed me so much.
All of you have a wonderful week! May God bless you. :)
-Elder Curtis

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