Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Dec. 1, 2014

Hi everyone! I trust you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. On Thursday morning we played a lot of football, followed by a wonderful meal from the Johnson family. We were able to play some games and enjoy some friendly conversation. At the end of our visit with them I led out a spiritual thought for them. Everything was going very well and the Spirit was thickening up; everything I was saying was setting them up perfectly to feel the spirit and aggrandize their desires to participate in hastening the work as a family... until Elder Lazaro, my trusted companion farted... twice. Whatever lesson they might have learned was instantly lost as their focus and attention was driven away by the untimely and unruly, yet uncontrollably humorous sounds that Elder Lazaro was trying so hard to hold in. We all had a great laugh and later after we left we laughed even harder. Clearly missionaries are a great example of maturity and composure.
With the holiday season here, things such as finding and teaching become far more difficult as everyone insists that they are too busy and inform us that they will be out of town. But we are working hard and looking forward to this Christmas season to see and be a part of many miracles. We are working hard to make sure everyone remembers the reason behind all of this celebrating. I love what the church is doing to spread the word about the "Christmas Initiative" and all of the efforts to help as many people as they can see the video they came out with. I hope everyone will join with Christ in helping Him spread the good news of the Gift He is. If you don't know what I'm talking about then go to christmas.mormon.organd watch the video. Elder Lazaro and I are handing out cards like mad men. We've even gotten a few potential investigators out of it.

I wish there was something more to share with you about our week, but everything was so slow this week and none of our investigators that we were able to see made any progress.

I was able to have some fantastic studies this week. I love the scriptures and the words of modern day prophets! I came to a further realization of the seriously important responsibility it is of ours to search, study, ponder, heed and apply the words of our prophet today- our current prophet. "A living prophet is more important than a dead one."

I hope everyone has a great week and remembers how blessed they are. Remember the Gift that was given to you. And may I remind you that any mail needs to be sent directly to my address now, not the mission office address. I love you all so much!

-Elder Curtis

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