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Dec. 8, 2014

Hello everyone!

Let's see, I haven't really predetermined what I was going to talk about today... There's not much to report. OH, other than setting two dates this week!! We have two investigators, Tommie and Virginia. They started coming to church because of another investigator Regina was invited to come, so she invited Tommie (her cousin) and Virginia (her aunt). We are planning on setting a date with Regina and her daughter this week, hopefully for the 20 of December because that's when Tommie and Virginia have their date. The only issue we have with Regina is she talks a LOT. I am so excited for them! I've been craving a baptism lately. That feeling of the Spirit when you witness someone enter the covenant waters of baptism and then receive the Holy Ghost is the best and it's contagious. We are also planning on setting a date with Regina's daughter. I can't remember her name though. She has a really hard black person name that's hard to remember. But she's nine and she has the biggest crush on me. No joke. No exaggeration. At church she goes out of her way to say hi and we often catch her staring at me from afar and then uncontrollably giggling when I wave at her. After our lesson with them... Okay, pause. Let me draw your attention this asterisk * ... continue. After our lesson with them on Tuesday we shook everyone's hands. After shaking the young girls hand she held it open and stared at it with a gaping grin on her face. All of us laughed and Virginia walked us to the door and told us her expectation that she is never going to wash her had again. Later at the ward Christmas party I was in the helping out in the kitchen when I turned and noticed her peeking at me from the other side of the serving counter. I gave her a cheerful wave and she girlishly shuffled away toward Regina and Virginia. The other elders in the ward, including my companion love to tease me about it but I think it's quite hilarious myself.

We are excited for them and we can't wait to see them make the needed steps to baptism.

The ward Christmas party, as previously mentioned, was this week. The Elders Quorum was in charge of providing the food, so the ward mission leader decided to take charge and volunteered to roast a pig for the event. It was so cool; I had never roasted a pig before. He asked for the help of us missionaries to get it started, but after we got the fire going a cop came up and asked us to move our van away from where we had parked, but also to check and see that we were doing everything legally. They took our ward mission leaders name and when they came back after running it through their system they had a warrant for his arrest. So they took him and left us to tending the fire. Our ward mission leader got arrested! We were so confused.
He later came back though and explained to whole thing. Just something about a failure to appear to court due to the court sending the summons to the wrong address a few years ago. Apparently this is not the first time this has happened to him. It was quite the day.

I can't remember if I had already told you this or not. A couple weeks ago we were at a friend of Francisca's (our recent convert) for lunch. Francisca's intentions were for us to start teaching her friends the discussions but they weren't interested. Everyone there was speaking Spanish so I was pretty much oblivious to what was going on. Francisca's husband came in and it was clear the they were offering him some of the food but he was refusing. In my efforts to participate in conversation I attempted to ask him if he wasn't hungry, but instead I mispronounced it and ended up asking him something along the translated lines of "Are you not a man?"
It was funny.

My time is running very short. I have to go. I love you all very much. Do your best to live the gospel to the fullest! Have a great week!

-Elder Curtis

*Here I am in the silent library writing this email when out of nowhere a lady on a different computer turns to the person next to her and very loudly in her slightly southern accent says "How do you spell chicken sandwich?" It was super loud. The entire floor could hear her; she was not being quiet at all. I don't even think she was trying to be quiet. I was doing such a good job keeping my composure but then I looked at my companion and I lost it. Unfortunately our combined, muffled fits of laughter forced others in the library into submission; you could hear the chuckles everywhere. I hope the lady isn't embarrassed. Too funny! I'm still dying.

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