Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Feb. 2, 2015

Hi folks!

It is a beautiful and blessed day and a wonderful time to be alive! This week was really hard, but I have felt the spirit teach, testify, guide, strengthen and correct so much this week. I feel so greatly blessed to be here and to learn how the spirit of the Lord works and to see the affect it has in my life. Lately there have been a lot of trying experiences; this has not been an easy transfer by any means. I am constantly surrounded by conflicting ideas and beliefs, even, or especially from people I did not expect it from. At times I have felt like breaking and giving up. There has been a lot of frustrating and irritating times. But I have been humbly blessed with strength. I am learning how to see things differently. God has been my support. I can't even tell you how much He has supported me, being my strength and my light, at times the only thing I could cleave to for support. Through this I have been greatly humbled, or at least realize how much I need to be humbled. I have been taught more about the gospel and I feel like I have a better understanding of it's principles. Man, I could go on about this for a few days so I'll stop. But I know the atonement is real and there is no limit to its power and and reach. I also know God loves us so much.

We had to drop our date with Sarad because we still weren't able to meet with him. Now that it's February we should be able to set something up with him, so pray for that!

We did get a wonderful surprise from one of the families in the ward we've been working with a lot: a referral! His name is Reggie and he's awesome! So promising! We are going to meet with him again this week. He couldn't come to church because he got called into work due to a storm we had here. Church was even almost canceled due to 3 inches of snow. Can you believe that?

I got to participate in a baby blessing yesterday. That was such a special experience. It opened my eyes up a little more about the priesthood as well as Gods hand in our lives. I also wonder how my own baby blessing went because of it.

Transfer calls are this weekend so don't send anything. If the pattern I've followed most my mission continues I'll be getting transferred. I'll let you know next week.

I have to go. I love all so much!

-Elder Curtis

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