Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Jan. 12, 2015

Hi everybody!

What a cold week it has been! I don't think I've felt my toes for a few days now. The worst part is definitely the wind. I hope you're having more enjoyable weather where you are.
The weather seems to be the only thing there is to talk about this week. It's been another slow one. Though we saw some interesting things while tracting though. I'm not sure I'll share it with you now though...

Elder Anderson was sick for half the week which is always a drag. However, I was able to get a head start on our missions goal of completing the Book of Mormon by the next conference (A goal that I might suggest to all of you as well as I am sure it will prepare you very well for the messages that are coming to us from our inspired leaders).

We finally have a some set appointments for the coming week so it shouldn't be as slow and we're planning on picking up a couple new investigators from at least one of the appointments who appear to be very promising. I'm really excited for that!
Another highlight: We got 17 gallons of gas for only $4.18. I suppose they must have entered the prices per gallon in the computer incorrectly so instead of being $2.41(as it was posted) it was only $.24. When I went inside to try and fix the obvious mistake they frantically fixed it but there wasn't anything they could about my transaction so the church was spared a few dollars.
There's a brand new missionary in our district, a greenie if you will, from Hawaii. It's fun to serve around him as he witness his first experiences with the snow. We were also present for his first interaction with a squirrel. The guy is a hoot.

I love you guys! I hope you have a wonderful week! Don't hesitate to send an email or a letter even if it's just to say hi. It's always good to hear from any of you.

Love, Elder Curtis

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