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Nov. 10, 2014

Hi everyone!
This weeks email might be a little short, I don't know, but I'll explain why: about four weeks ago we were here emailing, doing our normal thing. A man probably in his mid-twenty's sat at the computer across from me. Looking at him you might think he is a thug or a punk. He wore big, baggy clothing with crazy designs and patterns with skulls surrounded by a sort of paisley and he sported a hat and had tattoos and piercings. I felt a strong impression to talk to him. So I did. Come to find out his name is Kurtis, so we had a connection (despite his being spelled with a K and he thought that was better, but it's cool). But in conversation I told him who I was and what I was doing there dressed up nicely and wearing a name tag. He explained that he had been looking for a new church; one that teaches truth and something new. Naturally I told him I thought he would enjoy our church services and invited him to come. He accepted. I then told him that we would love an opportunity to come visit him and teach him more. He accepted and went on to explain to me that he feels very harshly judged by pretty much everyone that sees him; like he's some thug on the street because of his style. But if they were to talk to him they would find out he is going to school, he has his own place, he is raising and supporting four children and he even just started his own business which is taking off with surprising success for the first two weeks of it being open. Admittedly I was guilty of what he accused others of doing. But God isn't, for He knows Kurtis, and I believe we were both guided there by Him so I would talk to him. And I'm glad I did. We set up a time to meet with him for Wednesday. I asked for his address which he didn't know, so he had to rummage through his bag until he found one that must have been familiar to him. I wrote it down and we departed.
We came to the address he gave us on Wednesday to discover that it was the address of the school's buildings he goes to, not his home address. We went in to see if he might be in there waiting or if we could get anymore information but we had no luck. To my own embarrassment and dismay I somehow neglected to get a phone number from him on Monday, so we had no way of finding him or contacting him. I felt so horrible for I thought my negligence had lost us a very willing soul, for Kurtis seemed so golden; I had such a good feeling about him and we even mostly shared the same name! I was certain we were meant to find him and I ruined it. I remembered him explaining that he lived near/behind a chase bank not too far from the library. We spent a lot of time knocking on doors trying to find Kurtis but did not have any luck. We moved on, I still felt guilty and earnestly kept an eye out for him whenever we were in the area he described. We thought we might find him at the library again but for many weeks he was a no show. Until now! Kurtis just walked in and we talked. We explained everything; he's still interested and he's free right now so once he is done checking his email we are going to find a corner of the library and teach him the restoration!
So that's why I might not be able to tell you everything I had planned on telling you today, and I realize I probably could have written it with the time I took writing what you've just read but I think Kurtis took priority. That, and I am just so thrilled we found him again that I had to tell you!

So Francisca is awesome! She brought her friend Mica to her home where we taught her and we ended up setting a date with her for the 22nd! I think it's fairly solid, but we'll have to see. She's a little uncertain of some things. I'm not too worried though, not when Francisca is her main fellowshipper. Then later this week she called us and asked if we'd be able to come over the next day to teach another friend of hers. This friend ended up flaking out so we weren't able to teach them but it is so wonderful to see Francisca inviting so many people! This little "Lamanite" woman has "[blossomed] as the rose".

Tom is scheduled for baptism this Friday but we need some prayers for him. He has some issues with the word of wisdom. Not that he's addicted to anything it teaches against, but when he goes back to China and keeps the word of wisdom it will ruin his social life. Apparently it is custom to drink alcohol as a social greeting and is very offensive if you don't and can therefore destroy your social reputation (and we're thinking he has a very high rep). He personally thinks drinking is ridiculous and prefers not to in the first place but he is not willing to give up the social and custom aspects of it. We asked him to pray about it and give it some thought. We don't think he quite understands commandments clearly. We need prayers on his behalf, that he'll understand and be willing to keep these commandments to receive the blessings.

We continue seeing all kinds of miracles each day. I'm loving each day and loving life. I have to go now! I love you all so very very much!

-Elder Curtis

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