Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Feb. 17, 2015

Hey guys!

It was great hearing about the crazy weekend! Sounds like there was a lot of hectic things that happened yet everyone was still able to thoroughly enjoy the beautiful ceremony of Brandon and Jamie's wedding in the temple. I see some symbolism in everything that happened with what I've heard from Mom, Dad and Brandon. God truly is in our lives, teaching us in every moment.
I'm so happy for the happy, new couple! I love you guys!

I'm here in Litchfield now. This is a really small place and our area is very large, covering several other smaller towns. So far though things area going really well. We have a good sized teaching pool to work with right off and I think we could get some dates set here real soon (Currently our mission has 105 baptismal dates set!). I really like my new companion, Elder Anderson. I really think I'm going to enjoy this transfer with him; this new start is already such a relief from last transfer. He is from Laurel, Montana (which isn't far from Billings). He's so goofy and has a great sense of humor and an even better sense of hard work. So nice! We have been super busy and I love it! I still haven't even unpacked since I got here on Wednesday. I'll give you a run down of investigators as I get to know them and as things progress.

Because of Presidents Day we emailed today, but I don't have much time. I should have more time to do more on regular Mondays now since there's pretty much nothing at all to do here and we don't have enough miles to go to St Louis or Springfield (both of which are about the same distance from us). Oh, I also hear a rumor that my blog that I set up for these emails to get put on has not been updated in some time. I know things have been really busy lately but if someone could please remember to update that then there are a few people who tell me they would really appreciate that, especially since I'm told the last update was in July of last year... The blog is what's used to get my contact info such as new addresses and stuff. That's a little important because I think theirs letters and stuff waiting at previous apartments of mine.

I love you all so much! I hope this week is full of joy and rest for a lot of you.

-Elder Curtis

1122 N. Montgomery st.
Litchfield, IL 62056

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